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Friday, 2 April 2010

Okay ::~*

The dreams were many,
the thoughts were more.
I thought too much,
on what I thought was real.
But the Lord showed me,
as was my prayer,
that I had been making
this almost more than He.
And so, with many tears,
along with some sobs,
I realized it was not to be,
and perhaps God was just testing me.
The pain was real and strong,
as I thought of two things.
One: I made this too big,
two: God is enough for me.
So as I cried in the dark,
my heart prayed and cried, too.
"Lord help me love You,
much more than this."
I asked for peace and trust,
to do what I knew I must.
And with a sense of being weary and worn,
a word formed in my heart and mind.
A word I hadn't thought of,
in my cries for comfort and peace.
"Okay," my heart said,
"Okay, my Lord.
I know You are all,
I know I need no more than You.
I know You love me,
I know You are kind.
So when You ask me to resign,
I say, with a heart of love and faith,
pain, hurt, awe and peace,
such wonderful, all-consuming peace,



  1. "Okay" - it's one of the most releasing words when you're talking with God.

  2. I really liked this poem, Ana. It was very encouraging and filled with truth.


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