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Monday, 29 March 2010

Now it's your turn to write

So ... I wrote the, "hi, hello" post and now I'm writing this post. Now It's your turn to write. And here's what I would like you to write ... names. Boy names. Actually it's a little boy, but little boys turn into big boys, so a boy name will suffice. :)

The reason? My brand new book I started to write this week! (Very excited about that!) The story has a mother, Gina, a father, maybe Lane (but I'm not 100% on that one yet) and a little boy. Who, at the moment, is only a ______ in my story. So I'm reading a long and it says, "The shape of the car seat came to her eyes and a second later, after her eyes adjusted, the small form of ______ was barely visible." So, as you can see, my little boy needs a name. I've had some suggestions so far from my father: Trystan, my little friend: Gabriel or David, and myself: Justice. But I just can't pick, and I need your help. So, names people names. Comment, comment, comment. :) Thank you! I'm having so much fun with this blog.


Hello, and welcome to my blog! This blog will consist of my attempts at writing ... whether it be a book, a poem, just thoughts or just scribbles. Not only will I be posting my writings, but I will also require your help at times. This is an interactive blog. *wink* I will sometimes ask you for help on naming a book, coming up with names for characters, asking if my book outline sounds good and, when I post snippets of my books, asking you to read and make sure everything is grammatically correct and also, if it makes sense and things like that. So ... with that all said ... welcome, I hope you enjoy your time here!