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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Yet ...

My God is all-powerful and holds the planets in His power …yet He came and dwelt below.

My God is able to raise the dead and heal all diseases … yet He died for me.

My God is uncontainable.  He dwells where He will … yet He chose to dwell in my being.

My God commands the storms.  The wind and fierce waves … yet He gently calls my heart to Him.

My God dwells above the heavens.  Above any space we can see … yet He grants me to abide with and in Him.

My God surrounds Himself with unapproachable light … yet calls me to come to Him in my time of trouble.

My God demands holiness and loyalty to Him and I fail to do so … yet He helps me to obey Him.

My God cannot look at sin, which is what I am … yet He takes my sinful heart and life and molds me into His image.

My God is more than able to give me all I desire … yet He breaks me.

My God can make my heart whole and unbroken … yet He tenderly holds me, in pieces, in His hands.

My God chastens, molds and shapes, sometimes cutting parts out of my life … yet He is good and gentle.

My God brings me to tears, to my knees in humility and pain … yet He is loving, gracious and merciful.

My God takes my broken heart and life, stained and dirty with sin … yet calls me His own.

My God takes from my life the unnecessary, sometimes throwing me off balance and sometimes into confusion and pain … yet He provides His perfect peace when I let go and trust Him.

My God is holy, perfect and complete in Himself … yet He loves me.

My God, in His perfect plan, in love and mercy, takes me and remakes me.  It is painful, there are many tears and cries to Him … yet I love Him all the more for all He is and all He does because I know He does nothing but good and He does everything in love.