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Monday, 13 June 2011

What Could She Ask Beside

The darkness was so deep,
It felt like such a leap
To go forward in the unknown,
To a place she was not shown.
She could not see His hand,
She wondered at His plan.
She greatly longed to know
Which way she was to go.
She cried out and pleaded,
She almost retreated
Away from the uncertainty
Back to fuller clarity.
Yet she knew that she must stay.
How? She knew only to pray.
Sinking to the ground,
The darkness all around
She felt so very, very alone
Not knowing which way to go.
The darkness seemed much too close
Almost choking, way too close.
Wrapping her arms around her tight
Deep sobs echoed into the night.
Feeling as though being torn in two,
Trying to trust, knowing not what to do.
Her whisper was gentle, almost unheard
But not to Him who deeply cared.
“I feel so lost, I don’t understand.”
She received no answer but a gentle hand.
The tender touch made her start
And felt it deep into her heart.
“I know that you don’t understand,
But that is what I have planned.
It is My grand design,
That this my sovereign plan divine
Work out always for your good.
Believing this, strong, many have stood.
It is not for you to understand
The mighty working of My hand.
It is yours to only trust,
Go where I tell you that you must.
When you do not know My plan
When you cannot understand
Know that you don’t have to,
Only know that I do.”
Then did she again rise,
A gentle hope filled her eyes.
Taking steps into darkness deep
It did not now seem such a leap.
With her Good Shepherd at her side
What could she ask beside?

~Written 6-12-11~


  1. Very Beautiful Ana! It's awesome! Glad you posted :) Keep up the good work ;)

  2. This is an interesting little epic poem you've written here and I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Very poignant, Ana. God's sovereignty is probably THE attribute that I cling to most.


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