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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I do remember ...

Remember that post where I said I was going to post the first couple chapters of my new book? Yeah, me, too. :)  I'm still planning on it, I just have to re-read the chapters, make sure they are just-so, and then post them.  The only thing ... I'm lost.  I was really excited to start this book.  I had a great idea about how to start the story and the main characters and such.  My problem?  Well, see, there's this thing that most writers have when they start a book, it's kinda minor and all, but still good to have, and that's a plot.  An idea, an "I know what's going to happen after this, and after this, and how it's going to end, and what is going to happen."  But like I said, purely a minor detail ... surely.  My thoughts?  What. Is. Going. To. Happen!?  I have no clue!  I'm thinking and pondering and mulling ideas over and over in my head and come up with ... nothing!  It's so discouraging.

The good news?  I'm thinking of working on some other books that I've started and abandoned left to simmer and perfect.  So, maybe you'll see a peak at one of those sometime too.

So, all that was to say, I'm still planning on posting the chapters ... sometime soon, and then maybe some others, too.

Gotta run! Thanks for stoppin' by!

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